Health programs

Health programs in Ormánság

According to the Constitution of Hungary, every human being has a right of physical and mental health. The centralized planning and coordination of chronic, non-infectious diseases prevention and management, the minimalization of their health, social and economic effect can be powerful tools in protecting human health. For health protection purposes between January 1st, 2020 and March 31, 2021 a complex prevention program, called “Egészségprogram az Ormánságban” is taking place in the Sellye district.

The five main objectives of this prevention program coincide with goals of the programs approved by the government of Hungary: “Egészséges Magyarország 2014-2020 Egészségügyi Ágazati Stratégia” and “Nemzeti Keringési-, Rákellenes- és Gyermekegészségügyi Program”.