Private home nursing care

Our highly trained and experienced nurses can assist you in many cases when you need professional health care at your home.

This service is especially useful before and after hospitalization, for patients with a cronic disease or a temporary injury.

In case a patient is not eligible for home nursing care covered by his health insurance, he or she may opt for ordering this service from us.

To mention just a few of the many professional services:

  • tratment of decubitus
  • care of tracheal tubes
  • catheterization (for female patients)
  • injections
  • infusion (based on medical referral)
  • post-surgery care of wounds
  • soma-therapy, drains
  • care after surgery or injuries – help with personal hygiene, movement

For further information and to order the service please, contact us at

It is necessary to assess the patients’ condition and care needs before we can start providing our service. We will charge 5.000 HUF fee for this assessment at the first visit, however we will deduct this charge from your first service invoice in case private home nursing care is ordered within 1 month from the date of the assessment.

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