Price lists

Indicative prices of our private care services:

Private home nursing care: from 5.500 HUF / visit

Private physiotherapy: 4.500 – 6.750 HUF / visit

Home blood taking: 2.500 HUF / visit

COVID-19 Ag (antigene) Rapid test: 10.000 HUF / test at Ormansag Health Center in Sellye, 13.000 HUF / test performed at an external location

COVID-19 antitest gyorsteszt: 5.000 HUF / test at Ormansag Health Center in Sellye, 8.000 HUF / test performed at an external location

If you require a price quotation in a specific case please, do not hesitate to contact our colleagues – we thrive to give you the best possible prices!

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The prices quuted here are indicative, the exect price is which applies for a specific case might alter based on the difficulty of the task and the cost which we might encounter. These are calcualted based on the rules of our pricing. Home blood taking refers to the case when the patient possesses a medical referral for the blood taking and laboratory testing. Covid19 antigene test prices might alter according to our actual purchase costs of the test kits, the order quantity and our capacities. The prices quoted here do not include any material cost, which should be either provided or paid by the patient. Travel cost should be paid on top of the service price, as well as weekend / holiday / urgency surcharges accounting to an extra 100%. We reserve the right to price changes without prior notice.

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